Davy Asset Management

Fondsname Universum
Arbrook American Equities Equity USA
Davy Equity Foundation Equity Global Developed
Davy Global Bond Government Bonds Global Hedged
Davy Global Equities Foundation Equity Global
Davy Global Fixed Income Foundation Diversified Bonds Global Hedged
Davy Maga Micro Cap Equity Europe Small Mid Cap
Davy Target Return Foundation Balanced Global Flexible
Davy UK GPS Balanced Growth Multi-Asset Moderate Equity Bias
Davy UK GPS Cautious Growth Multi-Asset Bond Bias
Davy UK GPS Long Term Growth Multi-Asset High Equity Bias
Fortem Capital Alternative Growth Multi-Asset Multi-Strategy
Fortem Capital Alternative Growth Multi-Asset Risk Premia
Fortem Capital Progressive Growth Multi-Asset Flexible
Levendi Thornbridge Defined Return Multi-Asset Flexible
Rize Cybersecurity Data Privacy ETF Digitalisation & Cyber Security
Rize Digital Payments Economy ETF FinTech
Rize Education Tech and Digital Learning ETF Digitalisation & Cyber Security
Rize Environmental Impact 100 ETF Cleantech & Green Energy
Rize Medical Cannabis & Life Sci ETF Biotechnology & Healthcare
Rize Pet Care ETF Leisure & Consumption
Skyline Umbrella - The GM Fund Multi-Asset Flexible
Skyline Umbrella ARGA Emerging Market Equity Equity Emerging Markets Diversified
Skyline Umbrella ARGA Global Equity Equity Global